On the topic of interior design

Standpoints can only endure if people have the chance to stand up for them. We have packed our ideas on the topic of interior design into a few subjective theses. Do our views accord with your own? Or do you perhaps hold very different opinions? We look forward to beginning a conversation with you.


Everyone is a designer.

‘Everyone is an artist’, said Joseph Beuys. We think that everyone is a designer. Creativity has always been a human ability. Trust yourself and your feelings – then ambience, interior architecture and design will take shape. The opposite is also true: not every designer has faith in him- or herself.

People return to places they feel comfortable in.

Human beings are creatures of habit. They will seek out a place that makes them feel at ease. They find it by instinct, like a second home. When people feel comfortable in a space, they associate a pleasant feeling with it, and will return to it. This is true of hotel guests and restaurant patrons – and in a figurative sense, it also applies to our clients.

To be open is to be vulnerable.

We do not seek perfection, and we believe that anyone who does so is being unfair to the space and overburdening its inhabitants. In our view, design does not have to be perfect: it has to be harmonious and perceptible. The frigid perfection and coolness of modern trends leave us quite cold.

He who pleases everyone is doing something wrong.

You won’t get very far as a designer by trying to please everyone. We have standards of our own to uphold. If we didn’t, we would be in the wrong profession. Remaining true to ourselves – that is our approach. Those who actively look for mistakes will find them everywhere and ‘democratic design’ strips interior design of its allure.

It takes people who love to create beloved rooms.

Exactly. Only passion gives rise to passion, and usually only the creative power of love results in the quality desired. Design done without passion is tasteless. A lot of work in vain, and a waste of good money.

Every room has a body, a spirit and a soul

A belief that causes us to marvel again and again at the greatness of space and the possibilities of interior architecture. It is a very vibrant passion that motivates us and sets Carbone Interior Design apart.

Stones can speak.

This is one reason that we love our craft. The world of materials is a fascinating universe. We believe that every material has a soul and speaks a distinct language of its own. To understood that language, one must grasp, touch, sense and feel. Alone, the intellect is of little help – but excluding it would be unwise.

The end justifies the means.

Interior design, in our understanding of it, serves its purpose and pursues clear objectives. Stylistic elements are subordinate to the purpose, and their functionality speaks for itself. Where the purposes are all too similar, good design creates the fascinating difference.

One can play with feelings.

But it is not always wise to do so. For that reason, our first aim is to take people and spaces seriously and gain an understanding of them. We have mastered the art of playing with feelings and awakening emotions on that basis.

There are plenty of cautionary examples.

Those who themselves never get excited will never inspire anyone else either. So we will be frank: not many spaces please us in every respect. There are a great many examples of the mediocre, and even more that serve as warnings, telling us that we still have an enormous amount of work. We would like to use these cautionary examples to demonstrate that there are quite good reasons to invest in CARBONE INTERIOR DESIGN

Every culture has its own colours.

Light elicits colours and awakens a thousand different feelings with them. Colours are our most important stylistic elements, and they convey messages. We draw on the cultures, cultural landscape and corporate culture involved for the light and colours for our spaces. In doing so, we are advocating a world of many cultures and diversity in interior design

Letting light into minds.

We too have a mission, because light flows through the bodies of interiors just as water flows through rivers and the sea. Good interior architects can sense it, and feel it. That is why they design ambiences, they create an aura. They are convinced that the quality of spaces has a direct effect on the state of its inhabitants.

Let there be light.

For us, light is the alpha and the omega. We incorporated it into our thinking early on. As we see it, interior design means, first and foremost, taking our cues from nature in our treatment of light. Being in harmony with every mood of the interior. Because we love light, we are unafraid of shadows.

Natural beauty trumps the artificial.

Need we say more? We believe that human beings are themselves a part of nature. We love that which is free from affectation, the pristine, and the natural. The posed, the stilted, the affected, for their part, strike us as bland and boring.

Man loves his home.

Ultimately, we still want spaces to afford us protection and safety. So concepts like warmth and a sense of security play a vital role in interior design. The room as a haven, human beings as the standard of measurement – these are two maxims that make sense to us and shape our understanding of design.