Carbone Interior Design was founded in 2000 by Claudio Carbone, born in 1966. With exceptional designs for 5-star hotels, adventure rooms and customers in the luxury apartment segment, the company is one of the most sought-after design offices in Europe.

The Carbone Interior Design team works in the Swiss village of Wolfhalden. The 18th century property, which is equipped with modern offices, lies high on the mountain with a wide view over Lake Constance. A former cowshed keeps the show room, which resembles an enticing treasure chamber with its shimmering material samples stacked up to the ceiling. The location of this small but fertile working world in the midst of nature clearly illustrates the philosophy of the founder: „Natural beauty goes beyond artificial beauty. Man is part of nature. We love the unaffected and the creaturely. What is spread, stilted and mannered, on the other hand, seems boring and bland to us.

After 20 years, Claudio Carbone has now placed his Carbone Interior Design AG in new hands. The company continues to stand behind the founder’s philosophy and way of working.


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Carbone Design
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