The C in the square stands for Carbone Interior Design. Our studio is located in the hills above Lake Constance in Switzerland’s Wolfhalden. We have made a name for ourselves with designs for renowned names in the hotel and fine dining sectors and for discerning private clients. We create the designs and take over responsibility for detailed execution planning and artistic direction.


Our small, select team is made up of a mix of widely different talents. We put our hearts and minds to work to fulfil interior-design desires and create distinctive atmospheres in interiors. Interior architecture and design are our passion.

About our team


Our clients come to us because they have high standards and are looking for the exceptional, the extraordinary that exhibits exceptional quality of the kind that endures. We cherish the partnerships founded on trust that we have built up with shrewd managers, well-known hoteliers and private individuals who keep asking us back to present our ideas and designs.


Carbone Design
Interior Design
Kaltenbrunnen 95
CH-9427 Wolfhalden

T. +41 71 898 60 60
F. +41 71 898 60 59


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