• Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa, Saas Fee

    With lots of light and space, wood and stone to a modern, alpine refuge.

    Modern components in furniture, lights and colours form a meaningful contrast to the exterior chalet style and give the hotel a new, fresh and alpine look.

    > Walliserhof Saas Fee

  • Quellenhof – Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

    Modern staging of history

    Through the integration of its own history and structure, a high-end grand hotel with a unique charisma has been created. The mix of ultra-modern, custom-made and designed elements with the very own, historical basic values has helped the Grand Dame to a wonderful new dress without betraying her soul.
    Photography by brechenmacher-baumann.com

    > Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

  • Quellenhof Guestrooms – Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

    Timeless elegance, glamour with individual character. The new suites and rooms are contemporary and fresh with classical charm. Natural materials, restored individual pieces from the hotel collection, specially designed furniture and lighting create a span between the past and the present. Every detail shows what is special; that is true luxury.
    Photography by brechenmacher-baumann.com

    > Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

  • Quellenhof King Suite – Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

    Noble textiles, natural materials and lifestyle elements as well as lamps, furniture and carpets specially designed for these rooms in clear, modern lines create exclusivity and luxurious uniqueness.
    Photography by brechenmacher-baumann.com

    > Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

  • Memories – Sven Wassmer – Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

    Luxury hospitality with „crackling effect“.

    Memories – the design of Sven Wassmer’s Signature Restaurant in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz reflects his philosophy of New Swiss Alpine Cuisine: authentic and close to nature.
    Photography by brechenmacher-baumann.com

    > Memories 

  • verve by sven – Health-Restaurant – Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

    Health-Restaurant Verve by Sven, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz: young, lively lifestyle restaurant. Honest materials meet chrome and green walls and domes.
    Photography by brechenmacher-baumann.com

    >verve by sven

  • Andaz Vienna

    Refreshingly different – A new urban luxury and lifestyle hotel for guests with a sense of contemporary architecture; individual, cosmopolitan and with a local flair.

    The main theme of the design is the story of a fictitious descendant of Prince Eugen, a globetrotter, hunter and gatherer, who returns to Vienna again and again and decorates his handcrafted apartment with the newly won trophies and memories. Idea, planning and realisation: Carbone & Kacerovsky GmbH ZT

    > Andaz Vienna am Belvedere

  • Cyclist

    The trendy livestyle restaurant is completely dedicated to the theme of the „bicycle“. Lights, chairs and decoration were designed and made from bicycle parts. The result is a modern „Destination“ with a modern industrial look. Idea, planning and realisation: Carbone & Kacerovsky GmbH ZT

    > Hotel Andaz am Belvedere Vienna

  • Aurora Rooftop Bar – Hotspot with a view of the star spangled sky and over Vienna

    The rooftop bar on the 16th floor of the Andaz Hotel is designed in an scandinavian aesthetic. The extraordinary view over the city combined with a warm ambience, open fireplace and a lot of cosiness, making the restaurant a place to feel good and to switch off from the hasste of everyday life. Idea, planning and realisation: Carbone & Kacerovsky GmbH ZT

    > Hotel Andaz Vienna am Belvedere

  • Private house above the roofs of St. Gallen

    Richly detailed modern interior design with many innovative accessories and special, unique pieces of art that reflect the stylish expression of the owners family.