• Renaissance Hotel, Hamburg

    Crazily different, unusual, implemented in a youthful style with graffiti artists and furnished with eye-catching furniture and details, without betraying the background and the history of Hamburg. This is how we showcase the new rooms and conference facilities of the Renaissance Hamburg hotel.

  • Castello del Sole, Ascona

    The jewel at the Lago Maggiore has been prepared for a splendid future. We renovated rooms, in a mediterranean style of this high end resort. Modern components mixed with local materials to create a comfortable atmosphere with a luxurious touch.

  • Oberwaid Hotel & Spa

    Wellness oasis for body, soul and spirit. Generous spa area with luxurious treatment rooms guaranteed regeneration and Relaxation.

  • Oberwaid AG – Kurhotel & Privatklinik, St. Gallen

    Relax and regenerate in an extraordinary atmosphere, and steer your life onto a healthier path. The unconventional architecture and interior design have contributions of their own to make.

  • Andaz Vienna

    Carbone Interior Design AG is inspired by the cultural city of Vienna, wins the international competition and builds, in collaboration with Renzo Piano, the new Andaz Vienna.

  • Marriott Hotel, Vienna

    Elegance and comfort are the trademarks of the Marriott Hotel in the heart of Vienna. That was our inspiration for the wonderfully redesigned accommodation and exclusive restaurants such as the newly implemented elegant Parkring Restaurant, the garden café with traditionally Austrian coffee specialities and the special Cascade Bar.

  • Ammolite, The Lighthouse Restaurant, Rust D

    Impressive. The gourmet restaurant in Europapark Rust found its home in a lighthouse. Our interior design captures the extraordinary charm.

  • Collana Bar e Caffè, Zurich

    A jewel in the Zurich dining scene. Architecture and interior design combine to create a surprising effect. Though at first glance the building calls Art Deco to mind, elements like wood and stone set the tone for the interior. The intriguing lighting concept is unique.

  • Carbone on Aeschbacher

    What do you do when you are invited to do an interview with Kurt Aeschbacher, the least stiff-necked talk-show host on Swiss television in decades? Best answer: don’t think about it for too long, go on the show and speak freely and candidly. As simple as that! You can watch the results.

  • Marriott Hotel, Zürich

    We have planned and implemented modern & bright rooms and suites for business people as well as tourists. The use of wood, specific forms of furniture and above all collages of buildings in Zurich convey restful understatement that is typical Swissness.